The band AMOR was created in Chisinau, Moldova, in 1988. The band made concerts together with popular moldavian singer ANASTASIA  LAZARIUK. She helped the band to start first records and to perform on radio and tv. In 1989 with LAZARIUK as vocalist and the romanian singer MIHAI CONSTANTINESCU, the band AMOR went in a tour in Romania.

It lasted for more than a month, but suddenly interrupted because of a revolution in Romania. So we were forced to came back in Moldova, but continued to perform there.

     The Pridnestrovian Civl war started, people are not in the mood for any concerts or other entertainment and troubled times start for AMOR. Revolutions , destruction and collapse of the USSR, forced some of the members to move overseas. Alexander Raif (keyboard) went to Israel, Sam Belenkiy and Izya Bandoim (drummer) went to USA. The new keyboardist, Vasliy Koypan later also moved to France.

     In 1992 the band reassembled in a ne format - ANDREY STOROJA-  guitar, GENNADIY CHEBOTARU -bass guitar, IGOR MESCOI- keyboard and VICTOR COCIERU- vocal. The band remained like this until 1995.

     Extremely bad economic situation in Moldova broke the band apart. VICTOR COCIERU started a career as an independent singer, IGOR MESCOI moved to Bucharest, where he worked in a recording studio. ANDREY STOROJA and GENNADIY CHEBOTARU joined another band.

     Three years later, in 1998 VICTOR COCIERU got an offer from moldovian composer IAN RAIBURG, owner of the night club  TRAN SILVANIA in New York to came with the band and perform there. So, in may 11,1998, the band AMOR reunited, arrived in New York with IGOR MESCOI - keyboard, ANDREY STOROJA - guitar, VICTOR COCIERU - vocal.

     That was a start of a new life. The band  was quickly gained popularity in New York and other states. In New York, AMOR, performed in clubs such as Harvard, Hilton, Sheraton, etc.

     In 2008 the band  celebrated 20 years since was created, and 10 years of performance in USA.


Composer and pianist, orchestrated music for a lot of artists from Moldova Republic, like: Ion Suruceanu ,Olga Ciolacu ,Yan Raiburg ,Geta Voinovan etc. He is doing the same thing for radio and television. Later he is living to  Bucharest and  collaborated with big artists from Romania like: Gheorghe Gheorghiu, Anca Turcasiu, Anastasia Lazariuk, Mihai Constantinescu, Adrian Enache ... at  Migas Real Compact Studio in Bucharest. In 1998 he is living  in U.S.A with the band Amor , band of which he is the leader and the instrumentalist .

Victor Cocieru

Vocal soloist.  He was born in Moldova Republic. From the formation of band “Amor” in 1988,  Victor is the soloist and the guitar player,next to  famous  

moldovian singer  Anastasia Lazariuc. In the next year he is living in a lot of tours with another famous singer from Romania Mihai Constantinescu. Since 1998 until today he is the soloist of Band Amor.


Andrei Storoja

 Lead Guitarist.  He was born in  Orhei,  Moldova Republic. In the past  he was the guitar player of “Contemporanu” band . The leader of “Contemporanu” was Mihai Dolgan . Later on, he collaborated with Rotaru sisters, and after this collaboration, he was in a lot of tours with  “Curaj” band. Since 1998 he is the guitar player of Amor band  .